“real superheroes live in the hearts of small children fighting big battles”


At the age of 18 (2015), I lost one of my best friends after a brave fight against aplastic anemia. In the same period I met Muna, an 8 years old girl fighting Wilms tumor. I wanted to make a difference in the world and wanted to support little warriors and their family so I started to sew stuffed animals to cheer those kids up.

Muna kicked cancers ass & is a happy little lady now!

She makes stuffed animals for children with cancer, made with all her love, with all her heart.
Her goal is to send love, prayers, hope and support worldwide.

“When warriors received their stuffed animal, I know they will have a friend for life.
Their new little soft friend will take care of them, will help them through their fight.
They will take the pain away, they will make them smile when they’re crying.
They will be there, always.”

When I hear one of the warriors passed away, my heart stops beating for a few seconds, it makes me feel heartbroken for a while. Another beautiful soul.
But the wonderful moments we had together, are moment I will never, ever, ever forget.
Love is forever.

“Supporting the fighters,
admiring the survivors,
honoring the taken,
and never ever giving up hope”

Lieze – founder of Perliespillows


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